Pumpkin (Zucca) Ravioli

Right below our apartment there is this amazing bread shop. We usually go in there for bread or pizza and then the girls in the shop almost always give Crosby and Stone a cookie as a little treat. They also sell tortellini and ravioli with the usual meats and cheeses. One day we were being adventurous and we tried their zucca ravioli. Wow, is this stuff amazing! I looked online and the most common thing that people use as a sauce is a butter sage sauce. The girl in the shop said that the zucca ravioli is a traditional food from where she’s from. We’re not really sure where she’s from but when we took our day trip to Mantova they had a lot of zucca products for sale there. When we were looking for a recipe for a sauce to use I stumbled across an interesting website with a recipe on how to make it and interesting information about pumpkins in Italy.

I’m going to have to try out this recipe when we get home. Until then I’m going to have to eat as much of their zucca tortellini in our last 2 weeks here! I know, only 2 weeks left can you believe it?!



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