We’ve started to get into a nice little schedule here. Jesse heads off to work and I walk with Stone and Crosby over to drop Stone off at preschool. Either after I drop Stone off or before I pick him up at school Crosby and I will stop at the Conad (Italian grocery store chain) and pick up some supplies for lunch or dinner. It seems like we’re constantly trying to keep food in the house. Crosby must be in his 16 month old bottomless pit stage where he is eating anything and everything.

Jesse didn’t have to work today so the whole family made the trip to Conad. Jesse picked out some limes to go with his beer selection. We got those imposter limes home and they turned out to be a weird lime/orange hybrid fruit! (If anybody knows what these actually are we’d love to know.)

These limanges (I think that’s what they should be called) actually soothed the crying Crosby after nap time too. Crosby woke up and was all sorts of cranky and nothing would soothe him. Not even our old standby for cranky babies of watching the Sesame Street song on YouTube worked. Then, Jesse was walking around with Crosby and they spotted the crazy lime orange and Crosby was happy with his post nap time snack.

The limange saved the day!

3 thoughts on “Lime…orange?

  1. Here is my guess on what the fruit is:

    Aomikan, or ‘green tangerine’ mark the beginning of autumn. They are more sour than sweet and make a wonderfully refreshing snack in the still hot late afternoons and early evenings of this season. Aomikan don’t just look exotic and taste great, they have medicinal value! Aomikan contain lots of hesperidin, which is an antioxidant. Hesperidin strengthens blood vessels and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. There are lots of supplement type products available in Japan now that are extracted from aomikan.

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