Carpi, Italy – Market

Every Thursday(Giovedi) and Saturday(Sabato) in the large piazza down the street there’s a huge street fair. We walked through it this morning and you can get anything you could possibly imagine. There are vendors for clothes, shoes, purses, produce, fabric, misc. gadgets and even bikes! We didn’t buy anything today even though Stone is on his endless hunt for toy cars, Liz is going to go back to get a purse and Jesse might have to go to the bike guy to drool over some bikes. We’ve been eaves dropping on the locals trying to pick up the market lingo. Then we’ll be able to pretend to leisurely walk up to a vendor and say, ” Quanto è questo?” (How much does this cost?)

It’s amazing how quickly their booths are set up and some of the set ups are pretty elaborate. Then at noon it’s gone just in time for the afternoon Siesta.





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