The Final Countdown

Today is the day. Very very soon we are leaving the comforts of our home for 3 months. Planning this next adventure it always seemed normal and not that scary and we were never really nervous until last night laying in bed thinking about what we’re actually going to be doing. All the last minute things that we’re starting to second guess. Oh my gosh… what are we doing?! I started thinking… really thinking about taking two kids under 3 on an eight hour plane ride. That’s what happens when you think about it too much… you start to get nervous. I just want to get the trip started because sitting here waiting to leave is killer, there’s no turning back now. I would say 70% excited and 30% nervous!

We have pretty much everything finished…packing,planning and such but we still have to shut down a few things in our house. Other than that we now begin “The final countdown” till we depart!

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