Carpi to Viterbo


Yesterday we drove from Carpi to Viterbo (just outside of Rome) which took about 3 hours. We drove through some amazing mountains and we realized that Italian drivers really are crazy! Liz was driving and we know that if you want to pass go in the left lane. But if we ever decided to go around a slow moving car then out of nowhere a car would be literally right on your bumper. We even stopped at an Italian rest area and it was insanely busy inside and there was a pizza section…of course…and a deli area with some amazing sandwiches with mozzarella and meats and such.


We finally got to Viterbo and the roads were even crazier. Viterbo is a city full of history and the center of the city is surrounded by tall brick walls. The streets inside are really old and super small. There is a “sidewalk” area that can barely fit on person and the roads are only big enough for one car. We drove our rental car inside there and a girl actually tried driving next to us and couldn’t get past because the handle of her scooter wouldn’t fit past our side mirror. To make things even more crowded we were here for the weekend of the “Feast of Santa Rosa”.  Every September 3rd they get 100 men to carry a giant gold ornate tower through the tiny streets. Bleachers are set up and everyone watches it go by. Pretty crazy.


There was a festival going on today which filled the small streets with people and vendors selling balloons and trinkets. We were walking through thinking there would be delicious festival food but there was only nutella crepe stands, roast corn and cotton candy. We didn’t end up getting any of that but we went back to our old stand by a slice of real Italian pizza!


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