We’re in Bologna

We made it to the next leg of the journey. Copenhagen to Bologna then down to our apartment in Carpi then off to Nico’s wedding near Florence. Oh man… we are exhausted. We had to wake up pretty early this morning to get on our 8:45 flight. We had to wake Stone up and it took a little bit to get him out of his early morning funk. We were also a little nervous because today is when we had to leave the rest of the group and head to Italy by ourselves. We have all been having such a blast that we thought he wasn’t going to understand why we had to leave Nanni, Bumpa and Aunt B. We all parted ways and Stone kept asking questions trying to understand what was happening. Once we got him a juice and a muffin he was back and ready for the flight!


The boys did really well on this flight. Stone watched Toy Story on the Ipad the whole time and Crosby was as good on a plane as a 1 and a half year old can be. Luckily it was only a two hour flight from Copenhagen to Bologna. We were actually split up between two rows so it was Jesse and Stone in one row and in front of them was Liz with Crosby on her lap and a guy right next to her. Luckily the guy was okay with crosby touching his newspaper and having to deal with a baby next to him and thankfully Crosby didn’t cry this time at all.

We’re here! We’re sitting in the hotel in the dark while the boys take a nap. A much needed nap and I think it’s time that we go try to take one too. (But you know once we put the computer down and close our eyes that’s when Crosby is going to wake up.)




3 thoughts on “We’re in Bologna

  1. Great pictures, I love the “little hands.” You’re doing an awesome job of sharing your journey with us. It will be a great bedtime story to read to Stone and Crosby in the years ahead.

    • He was but he had more fun crouching in a tiny gap between the food carts by the bathroom then he crouched back there and pooped… Very stinky so I had to change a stinky diaper in the airplane bathroom!

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