Rosenborg Castle – Copenhagen

We’re still on our Copenhagen adventure and I think we’re starting to get the hang of traveling through Copenhagen by the bus and metro. Yesterday we rode on the metro for the first time when we were going to Tivoli and we were doing everything wrong. We did buy a metro punch card and then never punched it for our ride then Liz pushed the stroller onto the train and was standing in the no bike/stroller area and Brianne went into the quiet area on the train and yelled, “Hey guys come in here!”. Then today we got on the metro and we looked like true Copenhagen travelers.

We took the metro to Rosenborg Slot (Castle). It was gorgeous. The castle was nice but nothing that special but the grounds were amazing. There was even a moat!

The kids are doing surprisingly well with all the traveling we’ve been doing. We have been making it a point to get them to bed at bedtime and not keep them out late and also make sure we are home for their normal nap time as well. We knew pushing them too hard would just make them cranky. It’s kind of hard to split the day in half and have to be home at noon but to get that 2 hour break when Crosby sleeps is awesome for us.





4 thoughts on “Rosenborg Castle – Copenhagen

  1. You all are amazing! Kids on a schedule in a day! Wow. Pics
    are also great, so glad we can all follow you around this way. Enjoy

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