Swimming in the Nyhavn Canal

The apartment we stayed at in Copenhagen (Hellerup) was really close to a pier by down by the water. We kept saying we wanted to jump in the canal and then finally the morning we were leaving the apartment we had to go jump in. When we walked down to the pier it was crazy how many people were taking a morning swim in the water or jogging down the pier. I guess they do say that Copenhagen is known for its quality of life so maybe the Danish exercise regimen adds to this. We got down to the pier past all the people who do this every morning and jumped in! It was so cold and being from Wisconsin, right next to the fresh water Lake Michigan, we’re always surprised when it’s salt water.

The craziest part was that some of these people who would come down to the water for their morning exercise would walk or bike down to the pier in their bathrobe and jump in fully nude. Then they’d leisurely get out and dry off right there with everyone around. This definitely wouldn’t happen in the US, they all would have been hauled away for indecent exposure.




3 thoughts on “Swimming in the Nyhavn Canal

  1. I really should have jumped in and now I regret not doing it.I also wish I could see what I was typing when making these comments but my IPAD screen is too small I guess so please excuse the spelling errors.

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