We rented a car for our first week here so we decided to go stock up on groceries. Well, we found the common grocery store here called “Conad”. Our first adventure into an Italian grocery store started to go downhill before we even got into the store. When you want to use a cart you have to insert 1 Euro into the front to unchain it from the other carts. Well, we didn’t have any change yet so we went into the store with Crosby on our hip and Stone pulling a little basket behind him in the store. We were warned before we got here that you need to wear a plastic gloves when picking out produce. We had our gloves on and picked out some tomatoes…but you have to weigh each one and put your price sticker on it. Either the machine wasn’t working or the stupid Americans couldn’t figure it out. We ran around throwing some other things into the cart before Crosby got too cranky from all the traveling. We made it to the checkout but they make you say how many bags you are going to buy before you check out…I guess 2 bags? Well, we needed more than two. So, we ran out with the kids in tow with two bags in our hands and bagguettes and milk under our arms. Ugh…a rough start. However, we made up for this bad trip when we went on another trip to get necessities since we still had a car.

We went to the other chain store that’s kind of like Target called “Ipercoop”. This place was crazy! It was inside of a mall so you got your cart underneath in the parking lot and then rode the cart escalator up into the store.

They also had the ability to carry a little machine with our so you could scan your items as you went through the store and you would have an instant check out. I wonder if that’s available anywhere in the US? So, if I have any advice to you, carry a Euro with you just incase you’ll need to get a cart anywhere over here.

5 thoughts on “Ipercoop

      • It’s like Aldi! I like the scanner idea. Our Jewel tried that out but I guess it didn’t work out because they stopped doing it. It was nice because you scan as you shop, drop everything in your bags and you check out and go!

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