We made it through the first week

We made it through the first week of work and school! With that said, “Bring on the weekend!”


It’s funny that I thought since I quit my job I’d be able to sleep in a little bit later but I have to wake up just as early to get Stone to school. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to sleep again. On a brighter note Crosby is used to his new pack n’ play and sleeping in the closet so at least we aren’t waking up 3 times a night anymore with him.

The first day Stone had to stay at school without Crosby and I there he was like okay mom, see you later. Then yesterday and today he wasn’t as excited about me leaving. He screamed when I left but then the teachers called me about ten minutes later and said he was playing with the other kids and he was just fine. There is another family in Stone’s class from California, they’ve lived here for a couple years and their son speaks English and Italian. So when they called me this morning they said Stone was speaking in English and playing legos with the little boy and having a great time.

Today is the longest he’s been at school. I dropped him off at 8 and then we’ll pick him up at 11. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been teaching him how to say, “Devo andare in bagno.” Which means I have to go to the bathroom so he’ll be able to communicate with his teachers. He says it when he has to go to the bathroom at home but I guess we’ll see if he ever ends his “peeing at school” strike. He hasn’t peed there yet. When we picked him up from school the teacher called Sister Terrazzino to come by to translate how his week has gone. The teacher said he was doing great and when she kneeled down to talk to Stone he actually gave her a high five instead of looking at the ground. Next step…no crying on Mondays drop off. Stone also got to pick out a treat since he did so well in school, he picked out a giant sucker.

It’s also funny when anyone asks our kids names we say Stone and Crosby. They all look at us crazy…”You mean like a little rock?” And they can never pronounce Crosby…it’s always Crouusby. They also ask us if these are common American names, which they’re not.

Yesterday, Stone, Crosby and I went to visit Jesse at work. I was a little worried that Stone was going to be nervous meeting all the new people and have a breakdown but he did really well. I think the sucker I gave him to eat there might have helped a little though. All of the people there were so nice and inviting. As I walked around I checked out their computer screens and saw some of the amazing things they were working on. As Liz was meeting Jesse’s co-workers, Stone and Crosby were mesmerized by the Russian dolls and the gold cat that waved its arm that decorated the office. But when we got home we asked Stone what his favorite part about Dad’s work and he said Dad’s chair.




So far work has been great for Jesse, learning what Vtwob does and watching them operate has been awesome. Everyone is really friendly and speaks far better English than Jesse does Italian, but there’s definitely communication struggles on both ends. While the team works on fashion “look book” layouts, Jesse is doing a logo design to get his feet wet and gauge his abilities. Hopefully he’ll be able to learn a lot through this awesome opportunity and grow as a designer.



It’s funny at night when Crosby’s asleep and Jesse’s home from work we’ll say to each other, “Are we really in Italy and are you really working at a design agency and is Stone really in preschool?!” It’s another what are we thinking moment.

13 thoughts on “We made it through the first week

  1. Awesomeness! Everything about this post is just wonderful!

    I’m sure Jesse with rock the logo design. The man’s talento!

    If I had to pick my favorite two photos, it would be the photo of the after school lollipops (adorable) and the photo of Jesse with the “sorry, we’re open” sign on the wall (hi-larious).

  2. The “Sorry, we’re open” sign is great, (now you have grandma’s christmas gift.) I love it. Stone’s too funny, but at least he’s not peeing out the back door. What are the bathrooms like? Rock on, “Little Rock”!!!

  3. I am soooooo very proud of all of you for taking on the adventure and rocking it! I think you all will look back on this and say “Wow that was so cool …. how the deuce did we make that happen!”

    • We’re just going to relax this weekend. Go to the outdoor market tomorrow morning and then buy a cake and a present for Stone’s birthday on monday!!! Have fun cleaning coops and waterers! How are the rescue chickens doing? We’re thinking of making a beach trip next weekend before the weather gets cold.

  4. What a great looking agency! I’m just as stunned you are there and that Stone is in preschool, speaking Italian no less. What a great adventure.
    Of course you could have stayed here and went bowhunting tomorrow. Yeah, season opener tomorrow.

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