Using your iphone abroad…

While we’re in Italy for three months we really needed to be able to have a cell phone. But we also have heard the horror stories of people using their phones abroad and coming home to a crazy telephone bill. Then the search began to find a solution.

Sprint and At&t have both recently changed their policy with unlocking their Iphone 4s for use abroad. The Iphone 4 works on a GSM network so you can use it in the US and abroad… but only with it unlocked through Sprint or At&t. Awesome! With other phones or networks you might have to do something called “jail breaking” your cell phone. I don’t think I would be brave enough to do this since it voids your warranty and such. Luckily with the new Iphone 4s you don’t have to do this.

1. Buy an Iphone 4s (GSM) cell phone

2. Call sprint customer service to get them to unlock your phone. (*2 from your Sprint phone or 888-211-4727)

3. Turn airplane mode ON when you get abroad so you don’t receive any unwanted calls or texts that will charge you


4. insert SIM card from the country you are now in

(You can also use Facetime or other applications that run on wifi networks. That way you can go to a local cafe or other places with wifi and talk to people back home face to face.)

If you don’t have the Iphone 4 then your options would be to buy a GSM phone online before you leave or buy a phone when you get to your final destination. Then you could buy a sim card for use overseas and use it in your new phone.

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