Dirty laundry

Dirty laundry seems a lot more difficult in Europe. The apartment we had in Denmark and the one we have here (Carpi) both didn’t have dryers. When we first got here I thought, “No prob, air drying is going to be great!” Back home during the summer we would talk about the great smell of clothes on the line, blowing in the breeze. But drying inside… and never using a dryer it’s crazy! The part that has stumped us is not that it’s harder to line dry your clothes but that we feel like our clothes are now 5 sizes too big! They never get dried in a dryer so they never shrink up. Crazy. Well, it also doesn’t help that we all only have a couple of outfits so they are getting worn and washed a TON. Also, anywhere we go there are kids at the playground wearing pure white couture looking clothes and Crosby comes up covered in dirt. I don’t know how the Italians keep their kids looking so clean or their clothes so nice with no dryer! Maybe it’s more common in Italy for people to take their clothes to a dry cleaner? Hmm.


I would also like to add that the Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers have made it through our journey so far as well! We have used these diapers everyday for the past three year through Stone and Crosby. These diapers are the best investment we could have made. We did just realize that in our Denmark apt and out apartment here we used the detergent that the homeowner had in the cupboard. Our diapers started leaking and repelling water and we realized… Helloooo… Beginner mistake… The detergent probably has bleach or fabric softener or something that gunks up the diapers. Not that we know for sure since we can’t read the bottle! The diapers leaking could also be due to the fact that these diapers are getting really old and they might have reached their end. For the first time in three years we’re using disposable diapers. It was really hard to gauge when to wash the diapers so that they’d be air dried in time and we didn’t run out. Oh man, the things you have to think about. One more month of disposables and then we’ll strip the Fuzzi Buns when we get home and hope we can get some more use out of them until we can potty train Crosby.


Our clothes just have to make it through one more month of washes before they disintegrate from use. This is also a test of willpower with all the amazing clothes here and wanting to go buy everything to feel like a fancy Italian when you feel like a hobo. I know…I know we don’t have room in our suitcases.

It’s going to feel so good to have more than 2 outfits to choose from, for us and the boys when we get home!



6 thoughts on “Dirty laundry

  1. Jesse, remember when we were walking through “Little Italy” on the “Freedom Trail” and they had the clothes drying out the windows?! Crosby looks really happy wearing NO CLOTHES.

    • There are tons of cloth diaper safe detergents that you can buy online. The first couple of years we did cloth diapers we would use a no fragrance/no dye detergent but then they would get really gunky and need to be stripped. Now we don’t use any detergent and sometimes add some white vinegar to the load. We also sometimes add a squirt of blue dawn to the load. That seems to be the biggest problem with cloth diapers is them getting gunked up with diaper cream or detergents. I hope that sort of helped. So basically even though it seems like they wouldn’t get that clean I would say go detergent free.

      • Thanks! That’s an interesting thought. We currently use Rockin’ Green which I got a bag of in the States, but we are in Namibia so can’t order more. It seems moderately successful, but we have a cheap front loader which I think is more the problem than the soap. I sometimes add some oxygen cleaner bc we get stains even with breastfed poo. How do you deal with stains if you don’t use detergent? We have fuzzibunz and rumparooz right now, although the FB don’t seem to stain as much the RaR are better poo catchers!

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