Helsingor, Denmark

Today we spent the day in Helsingor, Denmark at Hamlets Castle. Helsingor is about 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. We got to the town of Helsingor and decided to get brunch. We walked down some beautiful cobblestone roads looking for the restaurant we had been told about by someone at the gas station outside of town. When we finally saw the restaurant that we thought the woman had told us about we walked inside pushing Stone and Crosby. This is when about 7 old Danish men looked up all with cigarettes in hand. I asked if they served breakfast and obviously they said no since it was an old smokey bar. But one of the bar goers told us to walk down the street to Chaplins Cafe. They had an amazing brunch buffet which we loved since it let us try a ton of things that we wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Thanks to the old Danish man in the bar. Great suggestion!




After breakfast we headed over to Hamlets castle. This castle was amazing and they let you tour inside the castle and into the casements below the castle. When we first walked into the casement part of the castle there was an empty room and a vending machine selling small flashlights. Jesse bought one for Stone which I thought he did because Jesse is obsessed with flashlights. But as we walked farther and farther down it was pitch black. Nobody else bought flashlights so Stone was around leading the group and helping other people shining his flashlight into all the rooms below. It was pretty funny and Stone thought it was so much fun. The upstairs part of the castle looked like it had been updated through the centuries because of fires. There probably was a lot of historical things to learn about as well but we just walked through pretty quickly with the kids and then ran outside and played in the courtyard of the castle.





6 thoughts on “Helsingor, Denmark

  1. I couldnr believe how dark it was in that dungeon with no light! Even when your eyes got used to it, you couldnt see a thing. People were just folloeing Stone on his wacky 2 year old tour! It was one of those times you always will remember. When Stone is in college and we are telling stories he will roll his eyes and say, not that again!”

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