Bologna has not been good to us…

I’m sure Bologna is a great city but we’re very ready to leave. We are all hot and cranky and ready to unpack and not live in a hotel. When we first got to the Bologna airport I was walking pulling our suitcases and talking to Stone to the right of me and when I stood up I felt my arm hit a mans arm. I first didn’t think anything about it and then I realize he was totally trying to unzip my backpack and pick pocket me! I went up to Jesse and sure enough my backpack was unzipped a little. Good thing this was only our kid bag so he would have been disappointed that he only got some baby wipes. But I’m thinking it was probably a good thing that I had that brush with a pick pocketer because now I will be more protective of our belongings.

We spent yesterday figuring out our SIM card stuff so we can use our phone/internet on our phones here. Then we were all so hot that we wanted to eat something quick and the only thing at this small strip mall was a place called “wild west burgers” so yes our first meal in Italy was an Italian equivalent to McDonald’s.

Finally today we ventured out into Bologna to see the Piazza Maggiore. In the piazza there was a very cool statue/fountain but the even more interesting part was that there was an old school “bubbler” or water fountain that people were drinking out of. It was so cool and I’m glad I got to try it! But again it was hot and we were walking and wanted to find something to eat but it was about 3 and in between lunch and dinner. We couldn’t find anything where we could sit down and relax so we got a really good piece of pizza to go. But finally we found a gelato place and got some ice cream and a beer and sat down and finally were able to relax.

Then after the Gelato we walked back to our car and saw a park down the road. We walked up to the park and there was a playground that Stone and Crosby played on. The playground was all grafitti’d and had swear words in Italian… luckily I know all the swear words that our foreign exchange student taught us in high school. But the last straw that made us want to get the heck out of Bologna was when we were walking out of the park and the “policia” had about 6 people handcuffed and laying on the ground as we walked past.

I think we are ready to leave Bologna behind and get on the road to Carpi! I’m excited to see our place and see where we will call home for the next three months!

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