Flying with Kids



We’re already in Copenhagen but I thought we would tell you a little about our flight. It started off a little bumpy but then it ended up going smoothly. We got to Chicago on time and made it to our flight with plenty of time to spare. (Even though Terry, Liz’s Mom, lost her glasses during the security check in. They wen’t into the x-ray machine and then never made in out.) Stone and Crosby had a great time playing in the waiting area for our flight. Stone even made a friend with a little girl and he traded her his Lighting McQueen toy for a little plastic lizard holding a paintbrush.

Stone was so excited to get on the plane and he was giddy just sitting in the seat. It was adorable to see! Our flight left at 10pm so I’m sure he was exhausted too. Crosby was still pretty much way overtired and he was ready to go all night. Stone laid with his head on Jesse’s lap and was asleep in a second.

Crosby on the other hand played and played. Luckily, Terry and Terry (Liz’s Mom and Dad) were in the seat in front of us because he kept kicking the seat or standing on our laps and touching their heads. He started getting cranky and Liz was holding him on her lap and then he’d cry and she’d get up and walk and at one point she stood in the bathroom and rocked him because Crosby was so overtired he had no clue what to do with himself. Luckily that only lasted a little bit… anymore and Liz would have started crying along with him. Liz started thinking she would have to stand by or in the bathroom for the whole flight. Crosby fell asleep on liz for a while and she wanted to put him on the floor but was too nervous that he would wake up and not go back to sleep. Finally, Jesse took the reins and put him on the floor in front of our seats and that’s where he slept for the rest of the flight. Our backs and arms and sanity are thanking Crosby for cooperating and sleeping on the floor. During Crosby’s craziness Liz also made a declaration that she will never fly internationally with a baby under 2. (We’ll see about that when the next trip comes around)

One fun little tidbit is that there are little baby sleepers that hook to the wall of planes that some babies can sleep in. The SAS airlines rule was that babies can only go in it until they are 9 months old so Crosby was too old otherwise that would have come in really handy. Also, if you want to use the plane bassinet you have to have to be seated in a bulkhead seat… so plan ahead for that for your flight.


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