A few weeks ago were walking to the grocery store and heard people yelling/cheering in the distance. We turned the corner and saw the Carpi futbol stadium. We knew we had to take Stone to a game.

Yesterday, (Sunday) we decided to walk to the stadium and see if there was any information on when the next game would be. The hardest part about living in a different country is that I want to just call or ask someone in a store for information. Even with the bits of Italian we’re picking up it is extremely difficult to understand people since it seems like they talk so fast. They always tell Jesse to slow down when he’s speaking in English at work cause they say he talks so fast.  Forget about being able to understand Italian on the phone.


We walked to the stadium to look for clues as to when there would be another match. There was a sign on the stadium saying there was a game today at 3… Awesome!

After naptime Dad and Stone ventured out to their first Italian soccer match. The ticket for Jesse was 15 Euros. Stone was free but had to sit on Jesse’s lap if it sold out. When buying the tickets everyone had to give their identification and they copied down all your information for security purposes. We’re assuming it’s just like at bars back in the US, they take your info incase things get rowdy…they know who was there that day. After buying their tickets they went through security which was a metal detector and confiscation of lighters if you had one.


Jesse and Stone made it to their seats and waited for the game to begin. Stone was very excited but as the game went on grew a little bored and wanted to go out on the field and play. He loved it when the players would “crash” or hit the ball with their heads and of course when the home team scored the place erupted in cheers and stomping which was quite exciting for him!


Stone only made it to half time and he wanted to go home and play fútbol himself, so Dad and Stone left and caught up with Mom and Crosby for Gelato down the street. We’ve been trying all the flavors of Gelato and so far our top flavor is Pistachio. One night Jesse walked down the street to get Stone a Gelato and brought one back for me. When he got home I was like… Pistachio? Who gets pistachio with all the other flavors. But it has quickly become a favorite along with the Granita/Italian Ice which is quite refreshing. Mmmm.

It was a fun filled first fútbol game for Stone and I’m sure it won’t be his last.

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