Ebeltoft – Denmark

Melissa’s wedding was yesterday so now we have no destination. Someone from her wedding told us to go to Arhus Denmark… that didn’t turn out so well. It ended up being just a smaller city. I think we had something littler in mind since we had just come from Odense the little fairy tale town. So we passed Aarhus by and decided to keep driving north. We drove and drove about an hour north and the boys started to get very sick of being in the car and just as we thought we were going to be stuck in a motel on the side of the Denmark highway we stopped and talked to a man on the side of the road who was sweeping up leaves. He told us to head north three quarters of an hour more (yes, that is exactly what he said in his danish accent) and we’d hit a town called Ebeltoft. So, that is where we headed and we found the Ebeltoft Strand. When we drove up there was a light shining down on it and music playing… it was just what we all wanted and needed.



We got a ground floor room right out on the water and in front of our room there was a grassy area to play soccer in and rocks to throw into the water. Stone rolled down that little hill outside our door for hours, it was hilarious. We sat in the grass and watched the sunset and ate danish pizza. This is the difference between American and Danish hotels. We got to the hotel and the restaurant was closed the grocery store was closed and the hotel doesn’t have vending machines…. basically the hotel had no food available to buy and it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. In American you can’t turn a corner without food being everywhere.


    The next morning we woke up and walked down the strand to the largest warship! A big pirate ship museum to walk through called Fregatten Jylland. It was really cool to walk through this big ship and imagine people walking around and living on this ship. Stone kept pulling all the ropes out of the baskets saying that there was a storm coming and he needed to save everyone! All in all an excellent trip to Ebeltoft. But I think that was about the extent that the town had to offer. But watching the sunset over the water and then heading over to a pirate ship… we couldn’t have asked for a better last night in Denmark!






2 thoughts on “Ebeltoft – Denmark

  1. Also, it should be mentioned that the Ebeltoft gas station brand orange crunch cake is not so good.  I had high hopes for this dessert and ended up very disappointed. But otherwise, Ebeltoft was super awesome indeed!

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