The big Italian wedding


Well, today was the day of Nico and Monica’s wedding! Nico was our original foreign exchange student when I was a sophomore and Brianne (Liz’s sister) was a senior. I haven’t seen him in forever, we’re so glad we got the opportunity to make it here today. We started out our day with the hopes that the boys would make it through the ceremony and the reception but they didn’t make it very far.


An Italian wedding starts around 11:30 then there’s a hour and a half ceremony. Their ceremony was inside the city of Viterbo. It was held inside the church of Santo Andrea. The whole building was cement and inside the alter was at least ten feet above the congregation on huge cement steps. Truly an amazing place to get married!

After the ceremony we headed over to the reception which means drinking wine and eating from about 1 till 7pm. The reception was held at Monicas parents house. Monica and Nico had really creative artwork up that they made from their own pictures, drawings and sayings.

The boys made it through about half the ceremony and then we decided to make our exit. Jesse took the boys back to the hotel room to take a much needed nap and Liz headed over to the reception. The reception was beautiful and the weather ended up being gorgeous. There were lots of nodding and hand motions while Liz tried to communicate to some family members who didn’t speak english very well and Liz doesn’t speak Italian very well.

The first course was “Antipasto” of meats and cheeses then we moved into the first course which was “bigolini alla paprika” the final course was “filetto con pere”. I left to go back with the boys before the desert was served but I can imagine it was fabulous as well!

I really liked the idea of a daytime wedding schedule, then kids can be there, it’s not so late at night and you don’t feel like you’re eating at 111pm. At Nico’s wedding you literally ate from 1 to 7 with dancing in between courses. Another funny thing that I noticed that you would never see at a wedding in the US was that in between courses people would light up a cigar or cigarette just sitting at the table. One table every single person was smoking and all the men around were smoking cigars.

I loved their wedding and everyone was having a great time! I hope I get to go to another Italian wedding one day!

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