Halloween in Italy

Everything we’ve heard or known about Halloween in Italy is that they don’t really celebrate it. In October we started seeing flyers and shops starting to decorate their stores so we were thinking.. hmmm? What is going to happen for Halloween. I talked to some people here and they said that Halloween is starting to become more popular in Italy and more places are celebrating it. Still we really had no clue what an Italian Halloween would be like. All the info was on the flyers but it can be tough to read translating it on your phone. From what our phone said on the 31st of October there was going to be a “store parade”. Hmmmm… Well, I guess we’ll see what happens. We did want to make our apartment feel cozy so we carved a pumpkin and made some decorations which the boys got a kick out of.


In the week or two before Halloween we went from store to store seeing if there were any costumes for sale for the boys. IperCoop the only big box type department store here did have some costumes, there were only costumes for older kids. I was going to McGuiver some of their clothes into Halloween costumes but then I started doubting that there was going to be any need for costumes since I still didn’t think people did trick or treating here.

Halloween finally rolled around and I got the boys all bundled up (no costumes) and was going to walk down our street and check out what was going on. We got outside and realized it was raining and cold. What a bummer! It was about 6pm and there were a few kids outside walking around with bags trick or treating. Hmm.. They do go trick or treating in Italy but, at least in Carpi, they seem to trick or treat on the main shopping streets and go into stores instead of houses. It’s also funny seeing the beginnings of Halloween here. In America peoples costumes get very creative and you have a wide range from scary to funny to crazy. Here you walk down the street and you either see witches, scream masks, or zombies. I couldn’t take Stone and Crosby in the rain and cold so we headed home. Jesse got home from work a little bit later and said there were now tons of people outside. We still didn’t have a costume but luckily we brought Stone’s cape along from home so Stone went trick or treating as a Super Dragon Cat! Jesse and Stone walked all down the street going from store to store. Stone even got to trick or treat in a lingerie store and a butcher stop! Jesse also said that they really made stone work for the candy. Back home they’ll be like here you go, but here they really made sure you said trick or treat and you wouldn’t get the candy till you did.


He loved having the cat whiskers drawn on his face and didn’t want to wash them off.


What an exciting Halloween. If only we had thought ahead we would’ve stocked up on Reeses peanut butter cups and handed out treat ourselves. We also got plenty tricks that night when kids kept running down the street and buzzing our buzzer on our doorbell! We also could hear kids running around outside and yelling and then all of a sudden you’d hear a loud guy yelling at the kids in Italian. It actually was pretty funny it felt like were in a crazy Italian movie.

5 thoughts on “Halloween in Italy

  1. According to my Google English to Italian translator Trick or Treat in Italian is………dolcetto o scherzetto

    Stone was one scary Super Dragon Cat! Next year I want to be in Carpi to Trick or Treat in a Lingerie Shop!

    • You should come to carpi for halloween! If Jesse and i had known they did halloween we would have done the fake scarecrow person holding the candy bowl and when they go get candy bam you scare them! The italians wouldn’t know what hit them!

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