Where should we go…the park!

We’re trying to share our adventures in Italy with everyone so we thought we would add the place where we spend most of the time…The Park! It’s funny that in all our travels with toddlers so far we always end up at the park. Stone and Crosby love the fact that we get the stroller all loaded up and head out on foot to discover something new in Carpi and it seems around every corner there’s a new playground to play on. Stone is in school in the mornings and Dad (Jesse) is at work ,so Crosby and Mom get a lot of quality time on the slides! People always ask us what we’re going to do this weekend, well…the answer is most likely going to the park!







Carpi, Italy has crazy parks. There’s actually one on Saturday’s that has a huge trampoline, blow up slide and carousel. Stone is loving the blow up slides.


One thing about the parks here that we’ve seen is that there are a ton of parks and always someone cleaning up trash but the

lawn and weeds and graffiti is not really tended too. It’s not bad it’s just weird that people here seem to always be sweeping the streets and taking care of their neighborhood, but then the grass and weeds are always long and overgrown. Another difference I’ve seen is that swings here in Italy are square. Not a huge difference but I’m used to the flexible round swings in the US.


The parks here are also used by everyone. On a busier day you’ll walk into one with a group of teens on the park benches, a table full of men playing cards and smoking and the kids running around on the playground.

The boys are thankfully napping now. But, I can assure you when they wake up we’ll get ready, go out for a walk and stumble upon another park.


3 thoughts on “Where should we go…the park!

  1. Jesse needs to get his white armless t-shirt and go down to the park and play chess or bocce ball with the other fellows. Liz, you need a long black dress to wear while you hang your clothes out on the line! What Italian words do you guys know now? Crosby looks like the trip has aged him!

  2. I agree with Tom, Crosby looks so much older, but as usual, he still loves his climbing! When Jesse was small he would swing in square wooden swings, that’s all we had! You needed to “slide” a stupid wooden bar up the metal chain to get the baby in and out. What a stupid design.

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