Stones new school…

We did it…Stone will be an Italian student on Tuesday. What a long journey it’s been figuring all of this out. It started during Liz’s lunch breaks at Kohls where she Researched scuola maternas (preschools) in Carpi, Italy. After a bunch of emails she found the city office that handles registration for public schools. They emailed us back and said come into the school office when we arrive in Carpi. Well, we made it into the office and they said all the public preschools were full. After a ton of gesturing and a sheet with a list of private schools, we headed over to Instituto Santo Cuore just a few blocks from our apartment.

We were standing at the giant intimidating doors translating a letter that was taped to the door when a woman came over and said a lot of things in Italian and then gestured to follow her. So, we did. We ended up in the administration office where a very nice woman answered all our questions and said they had room for stone in their preschool class. So exciting! After Stone’s full immersion preschool for the next three months we’re planning on getting Stone and Crosby into Italian classes back in Wisconsin. If we stopped after these three months I’m not sure how much he would retain.

As we walked home this is where we started to say…What are we doing? Did we just register our son for school in Italy?! Yes…We did. Don’t get us wrong we’re all for this and I want to give Stone this opportunity, but where has the time gone?! Our boy is starting school. More than that, he’s starting school in Italy.






4 thoughts on “Stones new school…

  1. Stone is going to be so much more ready for school here when the time comes. But I do think he needs to ride a donkey to schooll for the full Italian effect. Congratulations for having the nerve to put him into school there. You could have skipped it and nobody would have said a thing. But you did it!

  2. He’ll love it. In the classroom he can just follow what everyone else is doing, but on the playground he’ll rule!!! He’s going to have so much fun with those kids. Kids have a magical language all their own.

    • He still only says… Andare il bagno when he has to go to the bathroom. But I ask him what he learned at school and he says random blabbering words so maybe he is trying to get what they are saying.

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