Sacro Cuore Assembly

As you may know this past summer Carpi had a few major earthquakes that damaged much of the city including Sacro Cuore. This is where Stone goes to preschool. In order to accommodate space in the school, for the repairs/expansion that will be done, they built extra classrooms in the soccer field. When Stone first started school he was in another classroom until his new classroom was finished. That was pretty exciting for Stone to see a big digger or dump truck everytime he got dropped off at school. He’s been in his new classroom… or as Stone calls it his new trailer for a couple of weeks now and loves it.


They had an assembly this past weekend to talk about the major remodel they will be doing on the school and also an innauguration of the classrooms in the soccer field. We heard from Sister Terrazinna about the song Stone’s class was going to be singing at the assembly.

They sent home a sheet explaining the schedule of the day but even after translating it on our phones we still weren’t sure. Jesse took the flyer into work to see if we had missed any vital bits of information. With the little bit we knew we were headed to an Italian school function.


At our apartment we would randomly hear stone singing a song in Italian and doing the hand motions. We finally heard the whole song and saw all the hand motions at the assembly. As for the rest of it we really had no clue what was going on since it was all in Italian but we would pick up bits and pieces from some of the words we understood. After the assembly we just kept on following the crowds to the next place. We headed over to the soccer field classrooms where Stone showed us around and was very excited to show us the table they draw at and the bathroom. Very exciting.


After the classroom tour we headed over along with what felt like 200 people into the gym where there were snacks and refreshments. It was really entertaining to see what food is at an Italian school function compared to back home. There were the expected pizzas and baked goods. But there were also olive paste sandwiches and proscuito, of course. Every grade/classroom was assigned a type of food or beverage to bring and the funniest thing is that one of the classrooms was assigned to bring wine!


After the chaos of trying to get through the crowds in the snack room we got out of there and headed home for a much needed nap. I never thought about how tiring it is to try to communicate with people with a very limited vocabulary and then end up being like… Ummm, yea I really have no clue what you’re saying. There was an italian boy at the assembly who sat next to us and kept talking to us and pointing at Crosby during the assembly. Jesse and I kept just smiling at him like idiots because the last thing we wanted to do was get into a long conversation about how we don’t speak Italian.

Allright, now it really is naptime!

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