A random Sunday marathon

We have hit the half way mark of our trip and we wanted a lazy day to just lay around. However, not being in your own home and having two toddlers running around makes it near impossible to have a lazy day. We were hanging out in the living room when we kept hearing what sounded like an abnormal amount of people outside our window for a Sunday morning. We opened up the window and right outside on the main street below were hundreds of bikers, runners and skaters. Crazy! We watched from the window as the crowds ran by. (Don’t worry we were holding onto the boys so they didn’t fall out the window as we watched.)


After watching for a bit we got everyone dressed and went down to get a closer look. It ended up being the Maratona di Italia, Enzo Ferrari memorial Marathon. Stone loved watching everyone go past but especially the bikers whizzing by and Crosby was a clapping machine! Our lazy Sunday inside turned into a lazy Italian Sunday. Watching the marathon while drinking an espresso and eating a brioche at a cafe. It’s funny that 6 weeks ago, when we first got here, the thought of ordering coffee and sitting in a cafe with the boys was terrifying. We had no clue what we were doing and now we’re sitting at a cafe enjoying the day. Don’t get me wrong we still have no clue what we’re doing but we’re just okay with it now.


After our coffee break we headed over to the main piazza by the start of the marathon. They we’re handing out huge balloons which the boys were thrilled about. In Piazza Martiri (the large piazza in the center of Carpi) is the Castello dei Pio. Inside the castle is the library and some exhibits, most of which are closed for repairs since the earthquake Carpi had this past summer. In the center of the castle there is a big open courtyard which the boys love running around in. Poor Crosby immediately sat on his balloon and popped it within the first few seconds he had it. We all ran around with the last remaining balloon hitting it into the air. Also as you can see Crosby took our lazy sunday a little too seriously and didn’t get out of his footie pajamas all day.


What was going to be a lazy boring day turned into a pretty cool experience. Hopefully, the next lazy Sunday will be just as much fun!





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