Our first Danish/Venezuelan wedding

We haven’t shared our pictures of Melissa and Kristian’s Danish/Venezuelan wedding yet so here they are! It was an amazing wedding… well all the parts the kids let us enjoy were great. We tried napping the kids a little bit earlier and Stone did not want to take a nap but he needed one because he was really cranky. We were about to get ready for the wedding and Stone finally fell asleep. We decided it was better to let him nap so we could enjoy some of the wedding reception later on. Liz’s Mom, Dad and Brianne made it to the wedding ceremony and they said it was amazing. They shared some of their photos with us and it looked amazing.


Once the boys woke up we got ready and headed over to Melissa and Kristian’s reception. The night before, the Groom and family and friends built an arch made of flowers around the doorway leading into the reception hall. The arch and the rest of the place were absolutely gorgeous. We were busy chasing the boys around and talking to people that we forgot to take pictures of the reception. This wedding (along with everywhere else in Denmark it seemed) was incredibly baby/kid friendly. There was a huge field in the back with swings and a small zip-line. If you walked through the open area right next to the field there was a huge soccer field that wore the kids out immensely.


Crosby and Stone only made it through the first course which was fish, bread, salad, shrimp and crawfish. It was really good and Crosby went to town and ate pretty much the whole thing! He picked up his piece of fish and shoved it all in his mouth and then kept taking finger fulls of tartar sauce. Then the main course which Jesse and I took turns eating, while the boys played in an upstairs room with toys and games, was venison with a stuffed mushrooms and some potatoes that was also delicious. Sadly we didn’t get to hang out and party for the dancing late night festivities but all in all it was a great wedding.

I am so glad Melissa invited us to their wedding. I am disappointed that we didn’t have more time to talk to everyone. We had an amazing time and we will definitely be coming back to Denmark in the future!

3 thoughts on “Our first Danish/Venezuelan wedding

  1. We are both so honored to be featured in your blog, and thanks again for including Denmark and our wedding in your adventure! i think you should consider stopping by again before heading home for good, we love having you here 🙂

    • I would love to stop by again, if not this trip then the Schwantes/Maules have to come visit again one day soon! I also have to say that now my dream place to live would be Copenhagen. I loved it there, it is a beautiful city. Congrats again to you guys!

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