Markets markets and more markets


I’m not sure if you remember our first day trip post to Modena. Well, when we were there we stumbled across a really cute artisanal outdoor market. In that Market we bought some local honey, drank some local beers and ooh’ed and aah’ed over a really cool and kind of expensive wood carved bulls head. We kept on going back and forth whether or not to make this our memorable purchase for the trip. We decided it was the beers talking and said we would get it next time. Well, about a month later we decided to go back to buy the bull’s head that we still really liked. We hopped back on the train and got to Modena and the little market we stumbled across wasn’t there!! We thought it would be there every weekend. Oh no!! This is where the obsessive attitude of Jesse and Liz comes into play. We did a little asking around and googling stuff in Italian and English online and found out that the market will be there again November 16th. Our flight home is November 16th!! What are the odds. We now are even more determined to get this thing! We kept looking online and we emailed the modena tourist info place and we found the email of the lady we bought honey from and emailed her too. We wanted to see if anyone knew how to get ahold of the illusive wood carving guy. For a few Saturdays in a row we split up and one of us would hop on the train and go to random markets that were near us. We didn’t stumble across our wood guy but we did get to see a lot of traditional foods of the Emilia-Romagna region at all the Markets we went to. We saw Caldarroste (roasted chestnut) booths everywhere! We tried some and they’re actually pretty good. Who would have thought that chestnuts roasting on an open fire are really more than just a christmas song. We got to see the giant blocks of Parmigiano, strings of salami, giants pigs legs for prosciutto and lots and lots of lambrusco wine. One thing that we thought was going to be really gross was a big metal vat of spiced hot red wine. It actually was surprisingly good to drink on a cold fall day.

On our last weekend trip to Modena we also made a stop by the large Duomo and took in a peaceful moment looking at the amazing sculpture and design of this church.


After all these trips and not being any closer than we were we had to come to terms that we wouldn’t be taking our bull’s head home. Once all hope was gone we got an email from the honey lady from the market! She sent us his name and phone number! But really what good is an english speaking person going to do with an italian persons phone number? We called his number and mumbled some English/Italian words…Parli Inglese? He said one minute and then got his sister on the phone who could sort of speak english. She said that her brother was going to text us back with information on his next market. After texting back and forth we found out his shop is 4 hours away in Sondrio, Italy. He gave us the option that we use something called Postapay that they have at the post office and he would ship us our bulls head. With his Postapay number and tax code in hand we headed back to the post office to send the money. Next stop… wait for him to send us our bulls head. We did it… we found our bulls head and now the anticipation of waiting for it to get here.

This situation could end in one of three ways…

1. We get a box in the mail and it’s not the right bulls head

2. The box doesn’t make it to us in time and we’re out a bull’s head and back where we started

3. It comes in the mail and it’s just as we remember

We’ll let you know what happens in the next few days. We’ll also have to figure out if a wooden bulls head would be better as a checked box or carry on… hmm?

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