Info meetings for work and school…

We have had a busy day so far. Jesse had to meet with his boss for coffee at 10:30 and then Liz had to meet with Stone’s teachers and headmaster at 12:30.

Jesse had to bike 4 miles to his office since he’s still working out trying to rent a scooter since the Vtwob office is on a busy road. The meeting went really well and everyone was able to communicate with Jesse’s tiny bit of Italian and their English. Now that he’s actually been there the nervousness can turn into excitement! Can’t wait to see what stuff he gets to do or if he gets to go on some cool Italian location shoot!

Then Jesse got home and Liz started off to her meeting with the school about Stone. They had a nun there who spoke English to translate everything from them to her, Sister Terrazzino. They spoke to Liz about the first weeks schedule and what he would need to bring to school. Tomorrow, Liz and Stone will have to go to school from 10:30 till 12:00, Liz will stay with him the whole time. She asked them if it’s okay if she brings Crosby since Jesse will be at work and they said mom’s normally come alone but since she’s in a different situation that should be okay. How do Italian mom’s who have other kids do this? Then the next few days Liz will still drop Stone off with a shortened day schedule, hang out at school a bit and then pick him up around noon. Then they said the kids who are okay eating at school will stay for lunch on Friday. I am very glad we get to ease Stone into this new school but doesn’t this seem a little excessive? 2 whole weeks of a shortened schedule and seeing if they’re okay eating at school? Well, I guess we’ll see how it goes! Maybe since most Americans would never be able to come and hang out in school like this or pick them up earlier since they are working. I know if we were both working back home there is no way we could take that time off work to ease them into school. I think the Italians have the right idea to stop rushing around and ease into things.

They told us that we need to bring a bag with a change of clothes and a bib!? Maybe we’re just okay with Stone getting his clothes dirty but do 3 year olds wear a bib at preschool in the United States?

After the meeting with the teachers and the headmaster the nun, my translator, pulled Liz away and politely told her that when you’re speaking to someone of higher importance you shouldn’t say “Ciao.” you should say “Buongiorno.” Oh man, well I guess we’ll remember that now! Then Sister Terrazzino walked me to her door at the monastery down the road and told me if we ever need a translator at a Doctors or other appointment then we should give her a call and that she’ll meet with Liz and the teachers again on friday so they can let her know how Stone is doing. Wheww…. glad those meetings are over, especially since I speed walked to the school and it was 85 degrees outside so when we were talking I felt like I was dripping sweat and trying to act like this whole situation was normal then I go disrespecting the headmaster.. Oh brother. Now for Jesse’s first day of work tomorrow and Stone’s first day of school! 


3 thoughts on “Info meetings for work and school…

  1. Thank goodness for Sister Terrazzino, or should I say, Saint Terrazzino. I think the meeting would make a hilarious movie scene. Maybe some Italian director will buy the movie rights to your adventure in Italy and you will end up in a villa next to George Clooney.

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