2 weeks till departure

We’ve sort of been in a holding pattern… planning for our trip but the reality that it’s coming up soon hasn’t sunk in. Until today! I looked at the calendar and I realized that we only have one weekend before we leave! That is when we started to hyperventilate a bit! As soon as we realized this the last-minute lists started piling up.

1. Crosby has a well baby check up tomorrow so we are going to ask some final travel questions about going abroad.

2. Get all the cards and checks and savings account squared away before we depart. We want to figure out which would be cheaper to use ATM’s, credit cards or travelers checks.We started calling a ton of banks to see who had the lowest fees on their credit cards used abroad. Chase has 3% interest, Capital one has 1% and M&I has 2%. Using a debit card you were going to have extra fees on top of the already high ATM fees. The person at the bank said the only smart way to use ATM’s abroad was to take out a large amount of money at one time instead of a little bit a bunch of times and get stuck with a lot of fees. Since we are going to be there for 3 months this isn’t going to work for us. Also, we have to pay our “rent” on our apartment when we get to Carpi. We were thinking that we would pay her using a money order.

3. Try to start packing? But the problem is that you can’t really pack because you’ll be using everything before then. So, I guess just start thinking about what we’re going to pack.

4. Buy snacks for the kids for the plane.

5. Oh yeah and Jesse said he wanted to put a floor in the Turkey coop before we leave. The floor is getting so wet and dirty. Not travel related but it still has to get done!


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