il nostro appartamento

We’ve finally settled into our apartment! We’re located in the center of the city in Carpi, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. There’s a ton of shops, cafe’s and restaurants all around us with pretty much everything within walking distance. We got here a couple of days ago after we left Bologna. We met up with the “landlady” who is renting this apartment to us. She gave us the run down on the place and the keys to our new home for the next 3 months.

After renting an apartment when we were in Denmark and the owners left we quickly realized we forgot some important question on using foreign appliances. So now when the lady walked us through her place we were sure to ask in-depth questions about the washer/dishwasher and which soaps to use, since all the settings on the appliances as well as the info on the bottles are in another language we had no clue which to use.

It took us a couple of days to figure out sleeping arrangements for the boys and going to get fans to help cut down on the noise while Crosby was sleeping in the closet. But…ahhhh, he’s asleep and hopefully he’ll sleep all night. First we had a little sleeping tent for Crosby that we brought along with us but after a sleepless night we then moved to a pack and play that we frantically bought at a kids store here. Stone then wanted to sleep in the tent in our room but that didn’t work out well so back to the couch he went. After all that we hope that we’ve figured out the solution and now to relax in our new living room. Uh, Oh…Crosby just woke up! Gotta go!

12 thoughts on “il nostro appartamento

  1. Poor Crosby! Either the closet or the bathroom for his sleeping quarters. Otherwise, that’s a pretty cool deal you have over there. Did Jesse start work yet?

  2. That place looks fabulous! As far as sleeping arrangements…I’m sure if you could just stack everybody in a dresser like Kramer did with the Asian businessmen.

  3. This looks totally awesome. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of you! How fantastic to live in a different country for 3 months! One thing, Elizabeth you could cover the English flag with an Irish one. Have fun. Aunt Kassy

  4. Your apartment is so much larger than I imagined, and the nice Cedar closet wood is a plus. Love the washer featured in the bathroom – very practical. And a chandelier… Nice to see all your pics.

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