Copenhagen Day 2

Copenhagen – Day 2

We spent the morning walking around Ostebro (the neighborhood our apartment is in.) We walked to the waterfront and it was a really nice sandy little beach and a pier that a lot of people were swimming and playing in the water. The water and the beach were so clean. Everything in Denmark has been so clean. Way different than the USA. Here it actually seems like the whole community is working as a whole to keep everything running. On the pier there was also an older man who had just finished swimming and he was buck naked drying off.


While we were walking we saw these water tubes running above ground. It looked crazy. There was a lot of construction so we’re thinking they might be rerouting the water lines.


We walked all over the place and Crosby fell asleep in his stroller like a little trooper. Stone also picked out this piece of street art and wanted his picture next to it! Tomorrow we’re going to try to rent one  of these cool bikes that you can push the kids in the front like a little chariot!



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