Danish vs. American strollers

Since we’re in Denmark the majority of people are using bikes to get around town. But when people are going around town with their kids I’ve noticed that they either have a bike with a box in the front that their kids ride in or they push their babies down the street in a pram type stroller. I kept trying to see up to what age they keep their kids in this pram. It looked to us like they kept their kids in the pram until they were starting to crawl. It’s crazy that no one here uses the type of stroller that we use in America. If I did see them use another type of stroller it wasn’t our type where their kids were in a sitting position. Their strollers had their legs out but sitting up and they were covered in blankets and pillows. Also, none of their strollers had a food tray in front. I’m assuming it’s because they would never throw snacks on the tray like we did today while we walked down the street. Coming to Denmark we really wanted to see the differences in raising kids and this is one big difference we’ve seen so far. Well, one other thing we’ve noticed is that in a restaurant most highchairs don’t come with seat belts to strap babies in… I’m picturing a little Danish baby sitting calmly in the high chair waiting for hours till the parents calmly finish their dinner. This is something I think the danish babies need to teach Crosby!




5 thoughts on “Danish vs. American strollers

  1. Anne thinks those old-style strollers are creepy looking. They remind me of the ones in “The Omen”! Keep posting pictures!

  2. Euro strollers are so different than American ones. We stroller stalked people in Germany when we were expecting our first. We’d discretely follow them down the street if we liked their stroller to find out the brand so we could check it out at the store.

    • Ha ha! We kept stroller stalking the people pushing the prams trying to figure them out too! We went into a kid store in Italy today and it really was interesting since all the store in the US has the same stuff and the stuff here is so different.

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