Tivoli – Copenhagen

When we first got to Denmark we went to the Tivoli Gardens. They had rides and theaters and restaurants of all sorts. It seemed like an upscale Six Flags for kids and adults. If Stone and Crosby were a couple of years older they would have gone crazy for Tivoli. The one area in the park that we made it to that the boys loved was this younger kids play area. It was so creative and I think we could do some of this stuff in our backyard at home! They had fun wood posts coming out of the ground and those blue curvy wooden walls are just 2×4’s sticking out of the ground as well. Or at least that is what we’d do if we did it at home and then paint them all sorts of funky colors!


But even more impressive than the actual park was this family bathroom that they had. It had so many amenities and it was so clean! When you walked in on the right there was a changing area (super clean) with everything stocked for you to use. Wipes, 5 different kinds of diapers and a sink. Then you walked past the three bathroom stalls and there was a sitting area with couches/chairs (that women were breastfeeding on), toys for the kids, a microwave and another sink. Pretty cool! I couldn’t believe that it all was there for you to use and it wasn’t so dirty you wanted to run out of there and not let Stone or Crosby touch anything.




One thought on “Tivoli – Copenhagen

  1. I declared Amsterdam the cleanest city when I was in Europe, but this wins! Stainless steel everything & shiny, that concept NEEDS to get to the US.

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