The IPad tent…

The adrenaline and excitement is starting to wear off. When we first got here there was the excitement/scaryness of a new place that let us get to this point without being too physically/mentally exhausted or sick. We had to figure out all the arrangements with school, how to get from place to place and even the simple tasks like where to buy certain things. Now, instead of going to the store to buy a new exotic Italian treat we go to the store to buy toilet paper and floss.

I can only imagine a true expat who is making a permanent move, this would be a really hard part in the transition. We still can enjoy pretending we live in Italy for the next month till we can be back in the comforts of home and family and friends.

With all that said, a few days ago we got sick for the first time on our trip. Liz is home with the kids, so she was trying to figure out some way to keep them both entertained so she wouldn’t have to run around playing interference all afternoon. Crosby is a little over a year and a half so he doesn’t realize not to grab or destroy Stones things yet. The boys woke up from their naps and Liz wanted to set up a movie afternoon with popcorn to keep them entertained. Well, first off we don’t have a TV or a DVD player here so we can’t just sit on the couch and watch a movie. But we do have an IPad and Jesse just downloaded the new “Day of the Diesels” movie for Stone. The only problem is that 5 minutes after putting the IPad on the couch sticky fingers Crosby is going to mosey over and try to throw the IPad on the floor… And then the brotherly fight begins.

Well… Problem solved! In our apartment here we have a glass kitchen table. Liz put a bunch of pillows under the table, the IPad face down and a sheet over the table to create “The IPad movie tent!” Then Crosby couldn’t touch the screen.

If this went according to plan the three of us could lay under the table eat popcorn and watch the movie. Hmm… Not so much. Stone didn’t want to get in the tent and cried because he wanted the IPad on the couch. About a half an hour later he warmed up to the idea, joined us in the tent and he thought it was great! Crosby on the other hand was more interested in pulling the sheet off the table, crushing the popcorn and basically anything else that would annoy Stone.

So, great idea but perhaps a more relaxing treat for when they’re older. I did get 5 or so minutes to relax until Crosby slowly inched his legs over, little by little until they were on top of Stone. I swear Crosby knew he was bothering him!

Luckily, we’re feeling a lot better, so hopefully tomorrow we can go enjoy another weekend in Italy!

2 thoughts on “The IPad tent…

  1. GREAT IDEA! Crosby, Crosby, Crosby….what are we going to do with you?! Can’t wait until you’re home, you’ll be getting so many hugs you’ll need to find a hug free hiding place!

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