Sleeping with a baby on vacation

For the first part of our trip so far we decided to stay in an apartment we found on When we started planning this trip it was a big worry of ours that we’d have to have 2 babies sleeping with us in the same room and everyone waking each other up all night. And forget about naps if we’re trying to nap Stone and Crosby in the same room as us. So this is where renting an apartment came in. It was a three bedroom apartment and full kitchen/living room… and this all cost less than two rooms for that many nights in a hotel.

We’ve moved from Copenhagen to Odense (we came out here because we are going to a danish wedding). We’re staying at the Radisson Blu in Odense. However, this is where we were getting a little nervous with the baby sleeping situation. But last night laying in bed thinking about how we’re going to handle this we came up with a brilliant solution. Right now I am sitting here writing a blog and talking to my mom and sister while the boys are both taking a nap. Ahhhh… the sweet hour of relaxation.

Well, here is our plan. We’re traveling with Liz’s family so we are going to have two hotel rooms with adjoining rooms. In our room we have a king bed and a couch. Jesse and I are sleeping in the king bed and Stone is sleeping on the couch. Then the hotel had a pack and play crib available for us to use. I was worried about having Crosby in the room with stone and us and opening the door in between the rooms. Well… wait till you hear this. The pack and play fits in the bathroom! It’s dark and out of the way and Stone and Crosby have both been napping for an hour and a half so I think we have succeeded. I kept thinking how we would do this if we weren’t able to use the adjoining rooms bathroom when Crosby was sleeping. I think we would just scout out a bathroom in the lobby or on our floor and have to use that.



2 thoughts on “Sleeping with a baby on vacation

  1. In America it’s, “Babies in the back”, but in Europe it’s, “Babies in the bathroom”! Ha, ha, Crosby!

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