Rebuilding Carpi

This past summer Carpi experienced a few terrifying earthquakes (terremoto). All of this happened while we were planning our move to Italy. Jesses job and our apartment lady kept giving us updates on the most recent earthquake and asking if we’re really sure we want to still come out. Well, we’re glad we still did and now we get to see Carpi being rebuilt. We’ve seen stores being remodeled and their grand reopening. The new hip store down the street “Terranova” reopened and Stone loves walking past and dancing in the doorway to the blaring music.


After our adventure with building our home we find it really interesting to walk past and see all the different materials or tools that they have to use here since everything is brick. They spend days chiseling away the old brick and carrying it out bucket by bucket. Then get their mini cement mixer out to start building again. Most of the stores are remodeled and open but I think it’s going to take a lot longer for the old historical buildings to reopen. The huge historical buildings in Piazza Martiri are going through lots of repairs. You can see the wooden or steel braces that were put in place after the earthquake to stabilize the structures. Jesse says his Grandpa would be in awe of the impressive scaffolding being used.


2 thoughts on “Rebuilding Carpi

  1. It looks like it is a little chilly there. Is it cold? It snowed here today. Oh, and I shot a six-point buck on Saturday night. I forgot to mention that.
    How much Italian are you two speaking these days?
    I was surprised their sewer covers aren’t made in Neenah, WI.

  2. It was getting super cold and we had to buy Crosby a coat but then today we get out there and it’s actually pretty nice. Not snowing here that’s for sure! I am really not looking forward to winter… Maybe after Italy we should fly straight to the bahamas and live there for the winter! 🙂

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