Stone is 3!

Our little Stone is 3 years old! We’ve been scouting out the local toy store and patisserie (pastry shop) for the past couple days. The stores here are open at weird times and random days so we wanted to make sure that the shops would be open this morning when we wanted to get the birthday supplies. We dropped Stone off at school and then made a stop at the bakery that looked like it had really tasty cakes…but it’s closed on Mondays. So we walked down the street to the next shop and got the birthday cake. Then, we headed on down to the toy store to get his gift. One thing we’ve noticed about shops here is that the shop owners are very attentive and pretty much follow you around and try to help you and pull piles of stuff off the shelves trying to help you or maybe we just look like we need lots of help. This would be helpful except for the fact that we’re trying to communicate what we want in broken Italian and hand motions so it might’ve been easier if they just let us wander around. We ended up finding a duplo lego “Cars” set and that fishing game we remembered from when we were little.


We were planning on wrapping his gift in newspaper just so we wouldn’t have to buy all the wrapping supplies for one gift but the toy store wrapped all the gifts for free and they opened up the game we bought and put in all the right batteries…pretty nice.

Cake…check!  Present…check!

We picked Stone up from school, went home and napped the boys. During their nap I found some old white bags and cut them up and made a birthday banner, a paper chandelier and a fancy birthday crown. I think it really added to Stone’s shock factor when he woke up and saw the decorations and presents waiting for him.


Even though we didn’t really know where to find everything and we weren’t around family and friends to celebrate his birthday it turned out great and he had a great time. Happy Birthday Stone!


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