We’re heading to Europe…

A little over a year ago we started planning to take an adventure. I also think we’re still in denial that it’s only 3 weeks away… just typing those words made my heart start beating faster.

As you may know Jesse has his internship in Carpi, Italy from September 10th through November 16th.  This will be our new hometown for the next three months.  Before we can get to that we will be on the marathon wedding tour of Denmark and Italy.  On August 25th one of our foreign exchange students from high school named Melissa is getting married in Denmark then our other foreign exchange student from high school named Nicola is getting married on September 1st. Isn’t that crazy that they’re getting married one week apart from each other and we get to be there.

Then begins the Internship. Jesse’s internship is with an Italian company Vtwob. They are a branding and art direction company. They encompass all aspects of bringing a brand to life… pre-production/production/art direction/post-production.

We then had to start looking for furnished apartments online and we think we found one at a website called airbnb.com. We are renting from a woman named Frederica and she said that she lives above a cheese shop and down the street from a baker on the main drag of Carpi. We’ve paid a deposit and then we’ll pay the rest when we arrive at our new place.


We have been planning our adventure for around a year and a half and I feel like we’ve planned everything out as much as we can. These are some of the things we have figured out so far…

1. Money Saved

2. Tickets/Passports

3. Travel Insurance (We couldn’t take the chance to not have insurance since kids are always sick)

4. Furnished Apartment

5. Our unlocked Iphones with new Sim card over there (We’ll have to post more about this later… very confusing)

Things we still have to do before we leave…

1. Doctors appointment for kids just to make sure we aren’t missing some weird immunization or precaution or something

2. Packing!! (We have no clue what to pack but we do know we are taking 2 rolling suitcases and one carry on. They do have to be under 50 lbs each.  We have to somehow fit 3 months worth of stuff and cloth diapers into two rolling suitcases.

We can’t believe we are almost on our way to our next big adventure… here we go. If you want to see what’s going on with us in the next few months feel free to check back in at MauledbyEurope.wordpress.com.

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