Stone’s last day

Today was Stone’s last day of school. I can’t believe that it’s already over and that we were able to find such an amazing school. The teachers at Sacro Cuore were so accommodating with the language barrier and Stone was always having a blast when I picked him up. Today when I dropped him off the teachers had planned a “Ciao Stone” party! There were international flags decorating the room. They gave Stone a cd with images of him at school and an awesome shirt with a picture of his class that says “Ciao Stone!” on the bottom. I am not a person who cries easily but when Stone was going to all the teachers and giving them huge hugs and kisses i got a little teary eyed. I kept thinking how lucky we were to find this school that loves Stone so much and made these past 3 months incredible. I really hope Stone doesn’t miss everyone too much. Maybe Stone will have to become pen pals with everyone in Carpi.


As I walked home from school I ran into one of the American girls who is teaching English here, one of Stones friends and their mom and the Italian man who has a son who lives in Wisconsin. Maybe it’s because Carpi is a small city or because the kids and I walk around a lot but I’ve never lived in a city where you run into so many people. It’s like a movie walking through the piazza and being a part of the community. Now if only I could speak the same language as the people who I’ve run into on a daily basis!

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