The Bulls head is here!!

The bull’s head made it to our door in one piece! Stone was at school and Jesse was at work when the box came so Crosby and I opened it up! It was just as we had remembered from the market in Modena. Maybe a little bit bigger than we remember but we still love it!


I think the bull’s head has become a memento or reminder of our perseverance throughout this trip. This adventure has not always been easy and there were times when we weren’t even sure we should be doing this at all.

I guess we really like to make our life transitions in big ways. Jesse entering the working world and my entering the stay at home mom world, we couldn’t have made any bigger or wilder transition than this! I think I can say for a fact that any job Jesse gets at home won’t be any scarier than walking into a mostly Italian speaking design agency in Italy.

When I was working fulltime back home sometimes on the weekend I would be in a stressful situation with the kids and be a little scared of how to handle it. After this stay at home boot camp of moving to Italy, stone starting school and making it through an Italian city on my own I really feel like there isn’t a situation I couldn’t take on with the kids.

Later that day the boys started playing with the bubble wrap and a really really small mary figure fell out of the box. I think Stefani our wood guy must have put that in the box to hope our bulls head got to us safely!


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