La ricerca per il latte…

Milk…Milk.…Milk! For some reason I feel like my life always revolves around MILK. Before we came to Italy we had goats which we milked twice a day and that’s what we drank. Very time consuming way to get milk but also very healthy for our family. We thought we’d just easily buy milk from the store here in Italy.


So far that has not been the case. I feel like I’m on the never ending milk search. Wake up…find milk…get milk before the stores close at night. Until today when I found a new place to get milk. Sure you can get milk at the grocery store and we’ve been starting to remember certain bakeries/bread shops in our area that have fresh milk for sale. But we’ve been going through the half liter plastic bottles like crazy. Yesterday we ran out of milk, as usual, and so I went to the store across the road and they only had the non-refrigerated milk there. I did buy it but neither Stone or Crosby would drink it, it tasted really sweet. A lot of the stores here have non refrigerated milk…or is it milk? I’m still not really sure what it is.

That isn’t the only misunderstanding I’ve had with milk here so far. When we first got here and we were still a little nervous about talking to people we walked past a Middle Eastern store and I spotted what I thought was milk in the cooler. So I quickly grabbed some  and got out of there. That was before I realized that not everything that looks like milk is milk. This is like a kiefer fermented milk drink. You can imagine the look on our faces as I poured the chunky milk into Stone’s cup. Hmmm. Time to go back out and look for more milk.

Then today I was walking around and all of a sudden I walked past this vending machine that had empty bottles and a picture of a cow on it. Is this a milk vending machine? Perfect! Now we can have milk whenever we want and not have to worry about the stores closing for their weird hours and we don’t have to keep wasting tons of plastic bottles buying new ones everyday.


You buy the bottle from the vending machine for .25 Euro or bring your own bottle and then you pay 1,00 Euro for a half liter of milk.


When we were planning our trip to Europe I had dreams of finding amazing raw/unpasturized milk everywhere. I think that it’s legal in Europe to sell raw milk. Well, I haven’t found it yet. I guess the plan will just have to be to keep using this milk vending machine until we find our raw milk supplier.

6 thoughts on “La ricerca per il latte…

  1. Ask Stone’s teacher to ask the other parents where they get their milk, maybe one of them has a goat. Better yet check with Sister Terrazzino, maybe they have a goat! Might sell you some fresh veggies from their garden too.

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